John Chebat is an experienced entrepreneur

November 10th, 2012

John Chebat is an experienced entrepreneur in every sense. He has been able to experience success in a range of industries. He is most at home in the financial world, though. John Chebat is an innovative thinker who knows exactly what it takes in order to make a company successful in the long term. He is skilled at isolating the key factors involved in business development and then utilizing those factors to his benefit in order to create business development strategies which are both effective and long-lasting.

John Chebat prides himself on his integrity. His work ethic is also of importance in terms of business success because it keeps him driven, energetic, and committed to his projects. John Chebat has a long of experience with envisioning and then creating successful asset recovery management businesses, as well as other financial organizations.

John Chebat in 2005 founded a company called Western New York Assets, which he served as President of until 2009. In 2009 this company’s growth in 2009 exceeded 10.8 million in total revenues. Today, John Chebat is the Chief Executive Officer of WNYC, LLC, but he also provides executive leadership to four other corporate entities: Chebat Management Group, Chebat Asset Management, Chebat Financial Group, and Account Discovery Systems

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